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A DLR was established at Buca Levu School in February 2014. We worked closely with the technology director at the school, Mr. Azim Aziz. Mr Aziz has been a leader of the project, working to support his students and help his fellow teachers learn to use the tablet technology.

Four DLR team members: John, Judit, Jennie and Kelsi travelled to Buca Levu to work with Mr. Azim and the students to create the technology based learning room. The students at Buca Levu are very excited about the project and feel that it is making a big difference in their lives. 

One student, Neha, a member of the senior technology class, said, "Technology is very significant in my life. It is paving the way forward. It is with technology that we can change the world"

Buca Levu's current goal is to build a separate DLR classroom for their school and to continue to raise money to support the tablet project